Quality and KNOW HOW

Due to the very good service and modern equipment we are able to perform a large number of laboratory and field tests to achieve maximum quality and comfort of a game.

Most laboratory tests are mainly mechanical and physical tests, and verifying the quality of product specification. The quality of a game is primarily affected by the values of the ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation and resistance to rotation. These tests can be performed directly on the playground, or in laboratory conditions. Our laboratory is equipped for any such testing.
The most important parameters affecting the life of the lawn is primarily UV stability and wear resistance.

Material resistance to UV radiation is tested on the QUV apparatus for spraying with what credible simulation of outdoor weather conditions. The test consists of accelerating degradation of the material and determine its true UV stability over the years for several months. Evaluation of wear resistance of highly stressed turf football Lisport performed with the test, which is also part of most certified artificial turf for football. This device can during 20 000 cycles (approximately 80 hours) to simulate 10 years normal use of the lawn.


Despite a very good test equipment and skilled operators, working with several European accredited laboratories. So we can provide to our customers an independent assessment of products and also our results of measurements.