A Company with Years of Experience

The history of JUTA goes back to the second half of the 19th century. The beginnings
of the company lie in the production of thread, cloth, sacking, twine and rope from
natural materials.

JUTA history

In 1946 the JUTA brand was established, forming the presently named JUTA a.s.,
with its headquarters in Dvur Králové nad labem it is situated as the JUTA group’s
parent company.

The broad portfolio of the JUTA group today encompasses an array of technological
fabrics and synthetic products. JUTA with its 14 strategically placed production facilities and 2,000 employees within the Czech Republic is one of Europe’s leading industrial groups.

Jutagrass® is registered trade mark and one of 14 units of the company JUTA a.s.

The actual branch Jutagrass® focused on the development, manufacture and sale of artificial turf was founded in 2008. Since that time Jutagrass® has become an important and respected player in the global arena of artificial grass producers having its activities in 22 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.