Would you kindly describe the difference in strength/durability of tennis applications?

It is difficult to distinguish durability or resistance of single product. For all is used more or less same chemistry (for you it is important to mention same UV stabilization is used) so we can consider durability and wear resistance only of used material quantity (Dtex, number of stitches or pile height, which is however dependent on filling ). Basic difference is used fiber - monofilament (Padel, Rumbo and Monotrack) rest is fibrillated tape. If we think about tennis only (so no other sports are supposed to be played on same pitch) better option is product made from fibrillated tape. To have a good quality surface from monofilament you need such a high number of monofilament fibers to reach desired coverage, that the price was not acceptable and such lawns are so not even produced. As well there is a problem with infill distribution - between thin monofilament sand is strewed, it is hard to keep it on right position even when is well maintained, surface is not compact and so ball bouncing is wrong. Products from fibrillated tape is more suitable, has better covering and overall turf density. To ensure long durability, choose turf with Dtex 8 800. For all turfs we provide 5 years guarantee.

Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?

Although artificial turf is a synthetic product based on polyethylene, the use is very ecological and environmentally friendly. It is not necessary to irrigate artificial turf, which represents a major watter saving especially in places where grass does not grow naturally or in areas suffering from a lack of moisture. Also there is no soil contamination when artificial turf is applied as it is not necessary to fertilize the lawn. Artificial grass is 100% recyclable at the end of the life and polyethylene fiber and backing serve as raw material for further processing. Likewise, the new treatment is ready for the retired infill - sand and granules, both after the sorting can be applied again in the construction or the chemical industry.

What happens if cigarette, match or candle fall on artificial turf?

It should first be noted it is not allowed to smoke or manipulate with open fire or grill on artificial grass in general. Despite, Jutagrass lawns specially ones for indoor use are tested, how they behave when in contact with fire. To reduce the flammability flame retardant materials are added in to the yarns of indoor laws, which causes the lawn does not begin to flame, but in contact with a hot object begins to sputter. The highest class of JUTAgrass turfs in terms of flame resistance MEANDRO, STEP, VIRGIN and PERFORMER (which are used in the construction of playgrounds) are certified non-combustible.

How to fix an artificial turf to the surface to remain in place and for example edges do not bend in the wind?

Artificial lawns are usually secures on hard surface, such as a terrace or balcony by adhesive tape, whether unilateral or bilateral, on soft surfaces such as garden, anchor bolts are used.

Does artificial turf stretch or shrink under varying weather conditions and low temperatures?

In extremely low temperatures artificial turf shrinks by about 1%.