JUTAgrass® developed product range of artificial grass exclusively designed for landscaping and projects. These products are mainly for the leisure and domestic market, but also for the business to business segment, government and property developers. A consistent evergreen surface in perfect condition without the mowing, watering or fertilizing: this is what artificial grass has to offer in general. Over and above this, the JUTA grass® artificial grass surfaces in the LANDSCAPING series also offers a natural look and touch. From a purely optical standpoint JUTA grass® LANDSCAPE surfaces are only differentiable from the natural ones by their evenness and consistency, and that’s what is so innovative about the JUTAgrass® LANDSCAPING series. Due to their soft and smooth grass blades these artificial grass surfaces will pass any bare foot test – the difference is hardly visible or tangible!
The application possibilities of the JUTA grass® LANDSCAPING range are widely diverse: Garden and park landscaping, balconies, porches and terraces, hotels and restaurants, lobbies and cleaning zones, stands at exhibition and commercial spaces, entrance of halls, public spaces, office flooring, traffic islands, paths and walkways, poolside, saunas, cruise ships.40_09_15

Using of our turf in urban areas is almost identical to use in gardens or park landscaping. The urban environment is typical because of difficulty maintainability areas. And there is clearly artificial turf on top of his natural variation – the artificial islands can be anywhere: the public spaces, terraces and gardens, islands and frequently used under the bench.
In addition to landscaping our lawns can be successfully used in architecture. Unkind balcony is transformed into a nice terrace and gazebo in the garden can have the artificial turf inside or outside.
Imaginary gold dot can be indoor using of artificial turf which will be welcomed not only from homeowners with terraces through the garden, but certainly the architects of public spaces or interior places – the artificial turf can do a special place in stand at exhibition or entrances halls.