Attractive floor coverings for inside and out

JUTAfloor 4seasons floor coverings are very hard-wearing and weather resistent coverings which are ideally suited for use inside and out. With a colorful and
varied composition and the many possible combinations, they allow spaces to be greatly visually enhanced.
JUTAfloor 4seasons floor coverings which are available in muted as well as visually flamboyant color combinations are ideally suited for:
- Terraces and balconies
- Restaurants and hotels
- Fairs and Exhibitions
- Event spaces and display windows
- Pool borders and sauna domains
- Indoor and Outdoor Rugs
JUTAfloor seasons

The advantages of JUTAfloor 4 seasons floor coverings are obvious : it is simple to lay, washable and easy to maintain, high quality workmanship, durable, UV-resistant, weather-resistant,porous and quick drying, environmentally neutral.