In the most heavily used areas of a golf course – driving, chipping and putting – makes green keeper’s effort difficult to maintain an ideal course with permanently consistent behavior. For easier maintenance and better game quality we have developed a series of Golf lawns for amateurs and professionals. Together with a special underlay and the ideally matched fill material JUTAgrass® offers a high performance golfing-green surface with a precise ball rolling and bouncing plus energy absorption characteristics. In any weather whether in shade, sunlight or even indoors, you can count on durable long lasting JUTAgrass® golfing-green surface ensuring a high level of play and precise execution of shots and swings.

JUTAgrass® Putting Green – JUTAgrass® Putting Grass 18mm turf has been developed, analyzed and tested to perform as close to natural golf course putting greens as possible. Result represents real golf performance for professional golf players.