The need for artificial turf football pitches is clear. While training and league pitches with natural turf can only be used for an average of two hours a day, artificial surface allows much higher usage – practically unlimited year-round operation while still providing the same quality and surface characteristics of the lawn.
If you decide to surface your football field with Jutagrass® artificial turf, you can look forward to a permanent playability. Weather changes, water, mud, snow, frost or intensive sun does not affect your training program and match schedule. You will also benefit from significant savings in time and costs relating to maintenance. Another indisputable advantage of using Jutagrass® lawn is versatility in the use of field as it can be used not only for classic football matches or training, but also for other levels of football games – for example, junior playground or mini league. It could also even be used for social events or concerts. The final undoubted advantage in the use of football Jutagrass® is its high durability. In compliance with required maintenance we guarantee a minimum of 8 years durability of our lawns, for play 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Jutagrass® Champion collection

The highest series grass that is designed for extremely exposed surfaces of professional football fields. This turf is made of exceptionally durable fibers. The wear resistance was achieved using a special chemical structure of polymeric compositions. Thanks to the use of optimum lens fibers profile and carefully crafted construction, lawn achieves top parameters of ball rolling, speed and bouncing and it is very convenient for the players themselves. Very effective is also the color scheme of the grass blades. Combining two contrasting shades of green is created the impression of a young fresh grass and whole play area looks natural. test
For the grass is used the thickness of fibers 320 microns and 1,2 mm width and turf is certified for FIFA * and FIFA ** installations. The whole collection contains six kinds of lawns differing fiber composition and structure of the system.

Jutagrass® Master collection

If anyone should feel that he is still not enough perfect with resistance and excellent lawn playing characteristics, we have prepared for him a new product line that includes a revolutionary artificial turf JUTAGRASS® Master. It is a robust quality fiber lawn guaranteeing high performance and long service life including great playing features. The lawn still looks very natural with wear resistant straw and pleasant soft touch. Jutagrass® Master gives football players native feeling and allows technically high quality football possible year round in all weather conditions.
The collection consists of 2 kinds of lawn differing pile height and construction. For the grass is used the thickness of fibers 360 microns and 1,1 mm width.

Jutagrass® Winner collection

An ideal lawn for all European amateur sport football clubs. The surfaces demonstrate very similar playing properties to natural turf and guarantees consistent playing characteristics over an extremely long lifetime. Jutagrass® Winner represents the perfect balance of price and quality.
The collection consists of 6 kinds of lawn differing pile height and construction. This turf is based on 275 microns pile thickness and 1 mm pile width.

Jutagrass® Performer

This turf is based on filaments of a fineness of 275 microns with the adjusted width of the pile 1.3 mm, thus ensuring excellent coverage of the surface playground and suppression of dark color of granules. Specially developed chemical of fiber provides softness and reduces the possibility of injury from a fall or slip. The lenticular shape of fiber guarantees outstanding durability. In the LISPORT test for checking wear resistance, the fiber remains intact after 40,000 cycles which is equal to 15 years of normal football play and allows us to provide 8 years guarantee. The highest class of JUTAgrass turfs in terms of flame resistance certified non-combustible.

Jutagrass® Marauder and Jutagrass® Team

Lawn construction is based on textured yarn, which is rectangular 1.0 mm wide and 200 microns pile thickness. This fiber design provides excellent coverage of surface field and reduces the release of granules out of the area. It is suitable for use on training courses and wherever it is on the playing field used a combination of football pitch and athletics track. Turf quality meets football and hockey needs. The grass can be used in playgrounds with high load for children or youth sport clubs or for places with public access.