JUTA repeated great success with artificial grass Play Comfort during 2014 Agility World Championship in Luxembourg.

Just as in 2012, the organizers of the World Championships 2014 in Agility chose JUTAgrss Play Comfort surface, artificial turf specially developed and designed for training and competition Agility (also see article below).Our lawn was a success again, it was highly appreciated by trainers and apparently enjoyed a great popularity among racing dogs.

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Artificial Turf for Sport

For a long time we have been noticing common weaknesses of classic sports surfaces – too much hardness or softness, high moisture levels, dust, mud, durability, maintenance needs and constant play characteristics. With Jutagrass® sports surfaces all these issues are a thing of the past.

JUTAgrass lawn for AGILITY impressed the world

The JUTA Company has been approached by Czech Agility Association to develop suitable artificial surface for 2012 World Agility Championship. Having previous experiencies with the construction of artificial turf for these purposes, it was a challenge for us to meet the request of the organizers. We have developed several designs of artificial turf, we gradually tested. Finally, in agreement with the organizer of the World Championship, it was chosen a lawn that has met all the requirements, which we called JUTAgrass PlayComfort. That turf was installed on the night of the second and third October 2012 at multifunctional arena in Liberec.
World Championship was attended by 38 countries (among others Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Columbia, Portugal, Spain, USA) and 464 dog athletes. With a tension we expected reaction to new lawn. Any uncertainty was soon dispelled, because from the first step of competitors on the arena surface we received only words of praise.
We were very pleased to see high quality appreciation of JUTAgrass Play Comfort by the organizers of the previous championship in France.